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How to Make a Construction Portfolio

When you work in the construction industry, the quality of your work plays a prominent role in bringing you new customers. To display the quality of your work, a portfolio is an effective tool. With a construction portfolio, you can show off your best work and let your customers know what you are capable of doing. When customers are about to invest a large amount of money in a construction project, they want to know that they are getting a contractor who knows what he is doing.

Take pictures of all of the construction jobs that you do. Take a picture of the job site before you get started and after you are finished. This before and after method of taking pictures allows your customers to see the drastic changes that they can expect for their own projects. Get in the habit of taking pictures of every job because you will need to update your portfolio periodically.

Choose the pictures that represent your best work. Include pictures of routine construction jobs that you regularly do as well as elaborate jobs that require a great deal of work. This way, your customers can see that you handle all types of construction work effectively.

Develop other information for your portfolio besides pictures. This could include a list of services that you provide and a price sheet. Many portfolios also include a section for professional references. This way, customers can contact people you have worked for in the past to verify your quality of work.

Place all of the pictures and print information in a three-ring binder. Divide the sections of the portfolio with tabs or dividers. You have the option of organizing the portfolio based on your preferences, but some type of organization will help your clients look through the information.


Work with a professional printing service to make sure that the quality of the pictures and the other pages looks good.


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