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How to Get Commercial Cleaning Jobs

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Running a small business is a way to earn income and have the flexibility that comes with being your own boss. For those who have started a commercial cleaning business, the major task is to have a good base of customers so that work is routine and pay is regular. You can add clients and find new business by knowing how to market in order to get new and additional commercial cleaning jobs.

Review all of your marketing material to make sure everything is up to date and relevant. Remove all prices from your material as you will need to bid and negotiate each contract individually to try to beat your competition and make sure you stay profitable. Make sure your Web site is prominently listed on all brochures and business cards. Add information that makes your services unique compared to the competition, such as the ability to clean during evening and weekend hours, using green cleaning products, and being licensed, bonded and insured.

Contact current and past customers and ask for written reviews and references. Request permission to use portions of any reviews in your marketing material. While you have them on the phone, ask if there are any other services you can offer them and thank them for their time.

Make a list of all commercial properties in your service area. Drive around your town and write down the names of the businesses. Take note of any property management companies or commercial real estate agents located close to you. When trying to get work in a building, keep in mind that you may need to negotiate and speak with the occupant, building owner, building manager and even the commercial broker who handles the facility.

Contact each facility and business by phone. Ask to speak to the person in charge of commercial contracts and try to get an appointment for a meeting to provide a quote for your services. Be cordial and take extensive notes so you will be able to write an accurate estimate for your services.

Type up a written proposal and send it to the person you met at your quote walk-through. Follow up via phone in two to three weeks if you have not been contacted.


Keep all contacts organized so you always know whether you spoke with someone about meeting with them to quote your services.


Do not provide too low of a price for your services just to get business because it will hurt your bottom line over time and possibly lead to business failure.