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How to Get a Series 7 License If I'm Not Employed

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To become a stockbroker or seller of financial securities, you will need to take a Series 7 exam administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. One of the primary requirements to take this exam is that you must be sponsored by a company that is a member of the FINRA organization. If you are not already employed in the financial industry, it can be difficult to take the exam.


Contact financial companies in your area about the possibility of an internship or study program. Some financial companies such as banks and investment brokerages offer training programs for individuals who wish to become stockbrokers at some point in the future. With this type of training program, you will have to go through classes, usually at your own expense to work towards taking the Series 7 exam. Then the company may choose only a select few interns to test for the Series 7.

Apply for jobs at an insurance company. When you become an insurance agent, you will have to take the Series 6 exam, which allows you to sell mutual funds and some basic investment securities. After selling these products for some time, you may then be able to take the Series 7 exam through your company.

Network to meet people in the financial industry such as bankers and brokers. Talk to banks about the possibility of being sponsored for the Series 7 exam. If you have the proper educational background and experience in sales, the bank or broker may be willing to sponsor you for the exam. If the financial company is thinking about expanding or is losing some of its brokers, it may need to bring on more brokers. In that case, you could find someone willing to sponsor you for the exam.

Study for the Series 7 exam, once you find someone who is willing to sponsor you. You can purchase study guides and take practice exams leading up to the real examination.

Take the Series 7 exam to obtain your license. Before you can begin selling securities, you will have to pass this exam. You could take the exam again if you do not pass it the first time.


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