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How to Find a Job I Can Be Proud Of

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Taking pride in your work will help you live a more enjoyable life, as you are less likely to feel stressed if you are proud of what you do for a living. When you love your job and are proud to tell others about it, you are more likely to feel happy every day when you go into work. Finding a job that you are proud of is not always easy and will require you to assess your goal and skills in comparison to different career options available.

Make a list of jobs that have always appealed to you regardless of whether you currently have the training or education to apply for them. Write your list down as each job comes to mind rather than trying to list them in chronological order. When making your list, consider jobs that relate to your hobbies, interests and passions, as these are most likely to provide you with the most happiness and pride.

Write the reasons that each job appeals to you. Try to focus specifically on what aspects of each job you believe would fill you with a sense of pride.

Research each career option and take notes on the type of training, certification or degree is required for each.

Review your list and try to eliminate some of the options you have written down. When eliminating career options, assess the reasons each job appeals to you as well as whether you are willing to devote the amount of time needed to complete training for each career. Try to narrow your list to two or three career options.

Search online forums and social networking sites for people currently employed in one of the careers you are considering. Try to arrange a meeting or conversation with them about their job. Talk to them about exactly what their job entails, as well as how they feel about it. Focus on whether they are proud of what they do, and how their job makes them feel.

Compile all of the information gained from your interview with the information gained in your research and choose the career that appeals most to you from your list to pursue.

Enroll in classes to help you earn the degree or certification necessary for your chosen career or apply for jobs within that field if you already possess the educational requirements.