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How to Become a Teacher for Child Actors

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Teachers of child actors play important roles in the lives of these impressionable youngsters. They must prepare these kids for vocations beyond the movies, as the career of child actors can sometimes be fleeting. These professionals also must have the versatility to educate children outside the realm of a typical classroom environment. Most teach groups of child actors in studios. They also are responsible for keeping children productive when they aren't shooting scenes.

Find books about teaching child actors. Check online bookstores for these types of books, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Read the books to find out what the career entails. Make sure teaching child actors is something you want to do.

Contact others who teach child actors. Ask them how they like their career, and what challenges they face daily on the job. Set up several appointments to observe these professionals in action. See for yourself how child-acting teachers organize their schedules, teach subjects and manage kids on the set.

Obtain a degree in secondary education, as most movie studios look for those who can teach multiple subjects. Take courses in child psychology or other related subjects, which can better help you understand how to work with children and teens. (See reference 2)

Move to an area where there are more child actor teacher positions, such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Start thinking about whether you want to teach kids on television or movie sets, as television shows are often filmed regularly at the same location. Be prepared to travel more when working with child actors in the movies.

Apply for certification as a child acting teacher. Sign up for the 12-hour course that precedes your certification, according to the Department of Industrial Relations in California. Mail your application to: The Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, Licensing and Registration, P.O Box 420603, San Francisco, California 94142.

Study the curriculum and sign up for the written exam. Contact acting studios or production companies in your area for state certification procedures. Apply for recertification every three years in California or as required by your own state.

Create a resume that highlights your secondary education and any child-related courses. Contact movie and television studios in your area to see if they are hiring. Submit resumes for various child actor teaching positions. Try applying toward the end of the school year or in the summer, as children and teens usually start their studies in the fall like other kids. Take a job as a child acting teacher apprentice, if necessary, to gain experience in your field. Contact the state's Department of Industrial Relations for more details on apprenticeship programs.

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