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How to Become a Postmaster

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A postmaster is essentially the manager of a post office with administrative responsibilities to the employees and customers. The postal service typically promotes employees into management positions from within, as opposed to hiring managers with no experience. Candidates for promotion are employees with several years of experience who are familiar with postal codes regulating procedures. The postal service provides education and training for employees seeking management positions. Employees who feel ready for promotion into administrative careers can apply from within.

Meet all requirements for employment with the post office. Postal codes require employees to be United States citizens who are at least 18 years old with a high school degree or GED. Applicants must be proficient in English and pass a medical evaluation, drug screening and criminal background check.

Apply for a job with the postal service. Schedule a civil servant's exam and pay the processing fee. Take and pass the exam, and then wait to hear from the post office in regard to your application.

Gain experience as a postal worker and take the courses from the National Center for Employee Development. There is an associate supervisor course and two leadership program courses for management candidates.

Fill out the application for promotion or assignment (see Resources). Make a list of your knowledge, skills and/or abilities for all the factors considered for postmaster positions as listed on page 5 of the application. All candidates for postmaster are evaluated by postal managers, and the position is assigned to the chosen applicant.


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