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How to Become a High School Accounting Teacher

Becoming a high school accounting teacher usually starts by completing a teacher preparation program. You also need to pass an exam to get a teaching certificate. Most high school accounting and business teachers have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or higher education. Teaching requires excellent verbal and written communication skills, too. High school accounting classes prepare students to record transactions and produce financial statements. Additionally, students learn how to fill out income tax forms and analyze and interpret accounting records. To become a high school accounting teacher, you need to adhere to the credentialing rules mandated by your state’s board of education.

Obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting. Course work includes finance, accounting research, cost accounting and financial accounting. The American Accounting Association Future Accounting Faculty and Programs Projects website provides information on accounting careers in academia. Undergraduate programs offered by colleges and universities enable you to satisfy teacher licensing requirements while pursuing your bachelor’s degree in education. For example, all students in Boston College’s Lynch School of Education pursuing secondary education degrees must complete a second major, such as accounting. The education programs offered by Boston College meet the requirements for licensure of the Massachusetts Department of Education. To become a high school accounting teacher in Massachusetts, you must pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure.

Register for a teacher preparation program offered by your state. For example, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary website provides information on becoming an educator. Investigate and gather information about how to obtain an educator license using the Gateway for Educators of Massachusetts website. For example, this site lists apprenticeships as business teachers that are available in Massachusetts schools. The Teacher of Record program allows you to get a job in district-based programs, complete seminars or courses on professional standards for teachers and get mentors for support if you transition to teaching from a job as an accountant.

Take the certification test required by your state. For example, the Praxis website provides information about studying for certification exams required by the State of New York. A high school accounting teacher job may require you to take the Praxis II Business Education: Content Knowledge exam. This exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions on accounting, finance, economics, law and international business.

Locate a job opening. The American Accounting Association Placement Center allows you to post your resume and search for jobs. High school accounting teachers teach the accounting cycle, the process and the interpretation of financial reports. Other topics include finance, savings, investments, credit and risks.


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