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How Much Do You Get Paid as a Soccer Referee?

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A soccer referee ensures that the rules of the game are upheld. Salaries for soccer referees depend on the soccer association; a premier league referee earns more than a college soccer referee. There are also some pay scale differences depending on location.

General Soccer Referee Salary

According to Simply Hired, the average annual salary for a soccer referee is $21,000 as of April 2011. However, the amount can increase depending on the referee’s experience, the state and the benefits that come with the job. A referee’s salary can be calculated on an hourly rate, where it will range from $15 to $17, which may translate up to $30,000 according to how many games the team plays every season.

Specific Example of Soccer Referee Salary

The Northern California Soccer Officials Association, which specializes in high school soccer games, provides a comprehensive list of payments per high school game that is officiated. For one varsity game the referee earns $68, while for a varsity playoff game, a referee earns $77. The pay increases if there are fewer officials assigned per game. If there is only one referee for the game, he can earn $83 for a varsity game.

Other Benefits Included in Referee Pay

One benefit that a soccer referee earns is travel expenses that often arise when overseeing soccer games in other states or countries. Along with this is the accommodation allowance if the team and officials are required to stay in another location for the duration of the games. Medical benefits are a must for every referee to cover any injuries incurred during the season. Other benefits vary with state and soccer association.

Advice for Job-Seeking Soccer Referees

The best thing to do when looking for a job as a soccer referee is to compare pay scales and benefits of the different soccer associations in your state. If you are looking to move from volunteer or college soccer to league soccer, there will most likely be a retainer along with per game payments and benefits. Learning about soccer referee salaries is also advantageous when negotiating payment with potential employers to earn what you are worth.


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