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How High Is a Salary of an Anesthesia Tech?

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Anesthesiologists are helped by anesthesia technicians, also known as anesthesia technologists or anesthesia techs. These assistants ensure that anesthesia supplies are ready, check anesthesia equipment, and sterilize tools. Pay for the occupation tops out at around $50,000 to $55,000.

Average Earnings

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that anesthesiologists are part of surgical teams and therefore includes anesthesia technicians in the broad category of surgical technicians. Using figures from this category, anesthesia technicians in the 90th percentile of earners make $55,620 annually, or $26.64 per hour, according to 2009 data.

According to the Salary Wizard website, those in the 90th percentile of earners made $43,256 annually as of 2010. The Anesthesia Technician website shows a range ending at $41,000 as of 2011. The EduChoices website reports that, although most anesthesia techs get top pay of around $40,000, some techs earn $50,000 or more, according to a survey by the American Society of Anesthesia Technologies and Technicians.

Highest-Paying Industries

Anesthesia technicians earn the most if they work in offices of other health practitioners, employment services, colleges, universities and professional schools, specialty hospitals and other ambulatory services. Based on 2009 information, these industries pay at least $2,590 more than the average for all surgical technicians, and can pay over $15,500 more, says the BLS.

Best-Paying Regions

Not every region pays anesthesia technicians the same. To earn the best salaries, anesthesia technicians should find jobs in Maryland, Nevada, Minnesota, the District of Columbia, and California. These areas, which pay at least $5,890 more than the average for surgical technicians, are the five top-paying regions listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to 2009 data.

Comparison to All Surgical Technicians

The average yearly income for all surgical technicians, according to 2009 BLS information, is $40,710. However, figures from Salary Wizard and Simply Hired show an average salary specific to anesthesia techs -- they report averages of $34,274 and $37,000, respectively. Taking these figures into consideration, as well as the $50,000 top figure from EduChoices, it appears that anesthesia technicians earn less than average for surgical technicians and that top earners still might not reach the $55,620 BLS figure for the 90th percentile of earners in the surgical technician category. However, the BLS indicates that the surgical technician industry as a whole saw a wage increase of 0.4 percent.


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