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How Do I Get a Pyrotechnics License in New Jersey?

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If you have the desire to control huge fireworks displays and put smiles on the faces of your family members, friends and others in your community, becoming a pyrotechnician is worth looking into. A pyrotechnician is a professional tasked with the safe storage and handling of fireworks and fireworks-lighting devices. As a pyrotechnician, you may be in charge of not only fireworks displays during the holidays but also pyrotechnics during rock concerts and other entertainment events.

Get Licensed by the ATF

Complete an Employee Possessor Questionnaire. This application will start the process of obtaining your license from the Federal Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives. Once you submit the questionnaire, a local field representative will contact you to schedule an in-person inspection.

Undergo a background check for criminal history and mental instabilities, either of which might prove to be dangerous backgrounds for a person handling explosives.

Submit to a fingerprint test. This is often required to verify that you are who you say you are.

Construct a proper storage device for any fireworks explosives you plan to keep on hand. This storage device, otherwise known as a "magazine," must be approved by the ATF.

Become a Pyrotechnican in New Jersey

Acquire the right insurance. A minimum of $2,500 in insurance coverage is required for anyone working as a pyrotechnician in New Jersey.

Contact your local authorities. While some states require a pyrotechnics license, licensing is not required in the state of New Jersey to become a pyrotechnician. However, you do need to be declared a competent explosives operator by local authorities. Contact your local police department to inquire about being approved to operate pyrotechnics in New Jersey.

Apply for a display permit. If you plan to use an electric match to ignite your fireworks displays, you will need to request a permit from your local authorities.