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How Do I Become a Licensing Program Analyst?

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Licensing program analysts work for the California Department of Social Services, overseeing the licensing and administration of community care facilities. Working both independently and in conjunction with other members of the Community Care Licensing Division, these individuals review applications, conduct inspections and investigate complaints regarding child care facilities, adult residential homes and senior care programs. Due to the highly technical and judicious nature of the job, becoming a licensing program analyst requires a certain level of education and/or experience as well as full compliance with the state of California's hiring requirements and process.

Enroll in and complete a baccalaureate degree program, if you do not already possess this level of education. For qualifying purposes, California will accept a bachelor's degree in any subject, but fields related to public or business administration, health care administration, behavioral or social science, accounting or finance or law are preferable.

If you are a current or former state employee in certain positions, you may be able to substitute some of your experience for education. Review the job posting bulletin carefully and contact the California State Personnel Board if you have questions about whether your experience qualifies.

Research open recruitment for licensing program analyst positions by contacting the California State Personnel Board or visiting the agency's website. Since this is an exam-based position, if there are no exams scheduled the Department of Social Services is not actively recruiting and you should consider seeking other jobs that will provide you with experience relevant to becoming a licensing program analyst when a position becomes available.

Obtain a state job application (STD Form 678) either online at the California State Personnel Board website or in person at the agency's office or any local Employment Development Department office to apply for open positions.

Complete the application and submit it to the California Department of Social Services Personnel Bureau prior to the final filing date listed on the job recruitment bulletin. Within 2 weeks after the final filing date, you will be mailed a testing notification that details when and where your exam is scheduled.

Arrive on time for your licensing program analyst exam and be sure to bring your testing notification and a photo ID with you. Dress comfortably but professionally, and leave cell phones in your car or at home. Note that you must pass the exam with 70 percent or better to be placed on the eligible list for open positions, and your score determines your rank on the list.

Await notification of your exam score, usually sent within two weeks after completion of the exam. If there are available licensing program analyst positions in any of the locations you indicated you would be willing to work in on your application, a local Department of Social Services personnel manager will contact you to begin the interview process. Typically, this can take up to a month to complete, often beginning with a group interview. Candidates selected from the group interview will be asked to interview individually until the position is filled.


Do not send your application to the State Personnel Board; it must go to the hiring agency.

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