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How to Write Positive Feedback

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Positive feedback, also known as constructive feedback, is a great way to help your employees feel appreciated when they do a good job. Also, it will reinforce their desire to perform well, leading to a better work environment and greater productivity. If given correctly, positive feedback can be especially useful when writing an employee review or evaluation. The delivery of positive feedback should be prompt, encouraging and specific.

Respond promptly to employees when they do a good job. If you notice that they are doing something well, don't wait more than a day to provide them with positive feedback. In preparing for an employee review, jot down admirable behavior as you notice it so that you can incorporate it into the final evaluation document.

Create a detailed outline of what you want to write in the evaluation. Include a description of the difficulty your employee was faced with (if there was one), how he responded and why his response was admirable. List specific benefits that resulted from his good work. For example, perhaps he improved office morale, brought more money to the company or averted a crisis.

Begin the document with a statement of appreciation that addresses what you intend to talk about. In a personal memo you might say, "I can't tell you how much I appreciated all of your excellent work today." If the document is more formal, you could write, "John's hard work and dedication are true assets to our company."

Specifically state what the employee did that was positive. For example, "Jane not only handed in an excellent and detailed report but she met the deadline early." If she overcame a difficult problem, be sure to include this in the description. For example, "We were slammed with work, but Jane did an amazing job of keeping the store organized while assisting customers. We had several customers tell us how helpful she was."

Explain how the employee's performance helped the company and why it was appreciated. For example, "John's excellent idea has saved our department a great deal of time and reduced stress. As a result, the office is more upbeat and cooperative."

Conclude with a statement that will reward the employee, if applicable. In a personal memo you could write, "I admire your abilities and commitment." In an employee review, an appropriate concluding statement could be, "I recommend that Jane be given continued employment and advancement opportunities within our company."


Balance your positive feedback by highlighting areas that need improvement and giving an action plan to address these.

  • Balance your positive feedback by highlighting areas that need improvement and giving an action plan to address these.
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