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How to Ask a Favor to Forward a Resume

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With a tough job market, your resume can be one in a pile of many. Having someone forward your resume to the appropriate person greatly increases the chance your resume gets attention and consideration. As well, the person can add a recommendation for you, such as, “Bill, I encourage you to check out this resume. This person would be a great asset to our company.” When asking this favor of someone, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Know the person you’re asking, or at least have a connection to him in some way. He doesn’t have to be your best friend, but maybe he’s the husband of a friend of yours, he attends the same church or you spoke to him at a job fair.

Call the person. While email can work, calling is more personal and shows more effort on your part.

Keep a friendly tone. Ask how the person is doing. If appropriate, engage in small talk, but don’t waste her time.

Explain what position you’re seeking and that you could use some help getting your resume to the right person.

Ask if he can help pass your resume to the appropriate person. If he says yes, inquire how best to send it, such as a digital copy through email or a physical copy through the post.

Thank her for doing this. As well, mention, “If there’s anything I can ever do for you, don’t be afraid to ask.”

Send a follow-up email a week or two later, further thanking him.