How to Reset an Elevator Alarm in Fire Service Mode

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Elevators are made with safety systems built in that are designed to help ensure that no one is trapped in the elevator in the case of a fire. Unless the fire is on the first floor, the elevator will move to the first floor and lock in place until it is reset. This should only be done after the fire department has declared that no fire is present in the building.

Silencing the Alarm

Locate the silence switch or button inside the panel or on the keypad.

Press the silence button or activate the switch. The system may request a code. If it does, enter the code. This action should stop the sirens. If not, check to see if the silence light is flashing. If it is, then find the acknowledge button and press it until the light stays lit. Press the silence button again. The horns should now be disabled. If not, contact your elevator service provider.

Locate the elevator keys. Call the elevator service company if you cannot find the keys. Now, locate the floor that has the firefighter operation call switch. Generally, this is the first floor or lobby.

Insert the elevator key into the call panel lock. Turn the key to the reset position. Leave the key in this position for several seconds. Turn the key back to the off position. Avoid going past this position. Doing so will reactivate the elevator recall.

Remove the elevator key and test the elevator for normal operation. Repeat Step Two if needed. It may take multiple tries to return the elevator to normal operation. You may need to perform the operations slower if you cannot seem to get the elevator to reset.


If you still cannot get the elevator back to normal operation after performing the key funcitons slower, contact your elevator service provider.


Do not attempt to reset the elevator until fire professionals have determined that there is no fire.