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How to Find a Job in the USA When Coming From Europe

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Many people who leave Europe to begin a new life in the United States are overwhelmed by the seemingly numerous hurdles involved in obtaining a new job in a foreign land. While governmental requirements, educational discrepancies and communication gaps may crop up during your employment search, it is possible to address each concern as it arises and obtain a suitable job in your new homeland.

Apply for and receive permission from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to legally work in the United States. A variety of work permits exist, including those for permanent residents, temporary visitors, students from foreign countries and workers participating in exchange programs.

Research your current position to see whether the certifications you hold are accepted in the United States. Attorneys, doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals may need to undergo additional training in the United States to ensure that skills obtained in Europe are suitable for employment in America.

Obtain a certified translation of your high school and university transcripts and diplomas from a professional company offering this service. A certified translation will allow prospective employers to read and understand your educational background in terms that translate the information from European expressions and languages to American English.

Ensure that your English skills are sufficient for employment in the United States. Employers may be uneasy about hiring employees with strong accents or limited English skills. Sign up for American accent training to help eliminate or reduce accents that may impede your job search.

Target several U.S. companies and send your resume -- known as a C.V. or Curriculum Vitae in Europe -- in response to advertisements for open positions. Search for positions via Internet job boards, local newspaper classified ads and published employment guides.

Obtain letters of reference and recommendation from previous employers that you can present to potential employers. Employers are sometimes hesitant to incur international long-distance charges to check references, or they may not have the ability to speak the language in your native country.

Show persistence in your job search by calling to check on your application and speaking confidently about your experience and abilities during interviews. What may be seen as arrogance or overconfidence in Europe is often viewed as an outgoing and self-assured nature in the United States.


Consider accepting employment outside of your field in order to build work experience in the United States.

  • Consider accepting employment outside of your field in order to build work experience in the United States.

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