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How to Write an Executive Secretary Performance Review

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An executive secretary serves some vital roles around an office. The secretary must answer phone calls, organize files, greet clients and perform a variety of other administrative tasks. To provide meaningful feedback to an executive secretary, you can create an executive secretary performance review. You can follow a few simple steps in order to make this review as helpful as possible.

Delineate all tasks necessary by the executive secretary. You can break these down into main categories. Afterwards, write down the specific task within a category. Make the ranking system from one to five. A five indicates superior performance while a one indicates an area that needs significant improvement. Provide a comments field after each task.

Fill out the review. Use the grading scale you used to indicate the performance in each area.

Fill out the comments. Add comments for specific steps where necessary. At the very end of the review, add in a general comment about the overall performance. Meet with the executive secretary to go over the review..


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