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How to Reward Ethical Behavior

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A code of ethics, or a guideline to manage the behavior of employees, should be enforced in all businesses regardless of size. These guidelines allow companies to create responsibility and integrity. Enforcing and rewarding ethical behavior is equally important as creating the code of ethics. There are a few things to keep in mind when rewarding ethical behavior in the workplace, including whether to reward the person publicly or privately.

Communicate with employees what ethical behaviors are expected. Be consistent so that rules apply to everyone in the workplace. Let employees know how they should act before you can reward them for their behavior.

Create a suggestions box so employees can remain anonymous while acknowledging other workers' ethical behavior in a short note.

Write a thank you note to employees who exhibit ethical behavior. Supervisors can also acknowledge these individuals by saying "thank you" in public or private, depending on what is appropriate.

Acknowledge employees for their ethical behavior in a meeting or at lunch in front of other employees if it is appropriate to do it publicly.

Develop an incentive program for all eligible employees. This could include small prizes, a free dinner or even a day off.

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