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How to Make a Letter of Release of Contract for Free

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Contracts are legally binding documents. If you are under a contract, you have to obtain permission before you can resign. Contracts often are used in the workplace, but there are also other types of contracts that you may want to resign from. To receive permission to break the contract, you will have to write a letter asking your employer, or whomever you are contractually obligated to, if they would release you from your contract. Your letter should be a standard business letter, typed and with no errors.

Use letterhead if appropriate. If you are writing the contract release letter on behalf of a company, use company letterhead. Otherwise, include your address and date left justified at the top of the page.

Type the name and address of the recipient of your letter. Your contract release letter should be addressed to someone specifically.

Add a memo line that reads RE: Request for Release from Contract. This is often added in important documents so that the recipient can quickly see what the letter is about.

Address the letter to the recipient as Dear Mr. So and So.

State the reason for your letter in the opening paragraph. Ask to be released from a contract. Be specific about the exact contract. For instance, if it is an employment contract for the year 2014, be sure to mention the year. Include your resignation, if appropriate along with a resignation date.

Explain any other factors in the next paragraph. You may want to include the reasons for the request, your regret about the situation, or any other relevant details.

Close your letter with follow-up and contact information. Ask the recipient to let you know of his decision as soon as possible. Thank the recipient for their attention in the matter. It would also be appropriate to express gratitude for the opportunity of working with recipient for whatever amount of time.

Sign you name. Proofread your letter to check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Make a copy of the letter for your own records before you mail the letter to the recipient.


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