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How to Write a Employee of the Month Nomination

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Many companies single out employees who have done exemplary work by naming them “employee of the month.” Being named an employee of the month is an honor for many people. Often the title comes with benefits such as an increase in pay, the employee's picture on the wall of the company, a gift, a day off and/or other perks. Companies have different ways of selecting employees of the month. If you are a customer who has a favorite employee at a company or a coworker who is impressed by the work of a colleague, consider nominating that person to be an employee of the month.

Obtain the contact information for the individual or group of people responsible for selecting the employee of the month. Check if there is a deadline for submitting nominations to them.

Determine whether the company has a specific protocol for nominating people to be the employee of the month. If the company does have a protocol, you should follow it. For example, if the company requires nominations to be submitted by email or written in a specific form, you should comply with those requirements. If there is no required method of submitting employee of the month nominations, compose a letter to the person or group of individuals responsible for recognizing employees of the month.

Begin the letter by indicating that you are writing to nominate the employee for the employee of the month. Clearly indicate the employee's name and position. Think about the reasons why you feel the employee should be named the employee of the month. If the employee is your coworker, describe how he goes above and beyond his assigned duties. Provide specific examples of times when the employee has done something to impress you. Describe how the employee is an asset to the company. If the employee has assisted you as a customer, explain how the employee made your experience with the company favorable.

Write about how the employee will contribute to the company in the future. If the employee has particular personality traits that make her a valuable employee, describe them. If you think that the employee exhibits work habits or skills that you think that other employees should emulate, mention them.

Sign your name at the bottom of the nomination. Deliver it to the appropriate recipient(s).


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