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How to Become a Sportscenter Anchor

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Some sports lovers may want to turn their passion into a career, and many aim to work for ESPN. Fast Company named ESPN No. 16 on its list of “The 50 Most Innovative Companies to Work For." One of ESPN’s programs, “Sportscenter,” summarizes sporting events and sporting news daily. It is not easy to become an anchor on “Sportscenter,” and the broadcasting field is highly competitive. However with some preparation, training, and education, you can work toward the goal of becoming an anchor.

Follow all sports. This may seem obvious, but to become an anchor on “Sportscenter,” you need to be a sports fan. You also need to understand all types of sports that you may report on.

Go to college. Most jobs in broadcasting require a bachelor’s degree. Many colleges offer degrees in journalism, where you can specialize in broadcasting. There are also programs that offer concentrations in sports journalism, or you can minor in physical education.

Complete an internship. You may be required to complete an internship while in college, but even if you are not, an internship can help you gain valuable experience and contacts in the industry.

Find a job in the field. You will likely have to start small before you can apply for “Sportscenter.” Apply to local radio stations, news channels or even the newspaper. You may not start out in front of a camera or microphone, but any experience will help your resume.

Make an audition tape. Record yourself anchoring a mock “Sportscenter.” You will need an audition tape if “Sportscenter” has an opening. Practice being an anchor, and record yourself often. This will help you improve your on-air skills.

Update your resume. Continue to add as much experience in sports broadcasting as possible.

Watch for openings at ESPN. Check their career openings weekly. Apply whenever you see a broadcast job. ESPN offers many other jobs. You can try for a job lower on the ladder just to get your feet in the door. You also can inquire about unpaid internships.


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