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How to List Job References Without Full Contact Information

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References allow your future employers to research your work ethic, workplace etiquette and general personality. References should include people who know you and who can comment on your qualities as a member of the workforce. Acquiring a reference's full contact information is a must. If you do not know a reference's full contact information, list the reference anyway. Always ask permission from a potential reference before providing your future employer with her information.

Ask someone to be your reference.

Acquire contact information. Contact information for a reference includes his name, title, place of employment, address of employment, phone number and e-mail address.

Provide the contact information for your reference when prompted during the interview or application process. Enter the contact information into the corresponding fields on the application or tell the interviewer the correct information when asked specifics. Provide the name of the reference, his job title, the company he works for, the address of the company he works for, his phone number and his e-mail address, in that order.

Refrain from providing at least one part of the reference's contact information on the job application or orally during an interview. This may be necessary if you do not have all the information regarding his title, company name, address of his company, phone number or e-mail address readily available. Attempt to list all the information you can about the reference so your future employer can contact him easily and check the authenticity of his job position.


Contact the reference and ask him to provide the contact information you are missing.

  • Contact the reference and ask him to provide the contact information you are missing.

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