How to Take the McDonald's Assessment Test

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McDonald's is a global corporation with over 32,000 restaurants in 117 countries as of 2001. It's known for providing flexible schedules to its employees, plus it celebrates diversity in its workforce. Benefits you can count on when working for McDonald's include free uniforms, competitive wages, free or discounted meals, medical insurance, prescription drug coverage, paid holidays, educational assistance and vacation time. To work for McDonald's, you need to schedule an interview with the manager, submit an application and take an assessment test. This assessment test is provided to you through the hiring process.

Call the McDonald's location where you would like to work and ask to speak to the manager. Inform the manager that you are interested in the job opening available and that you would like to schedule an interview.

Do some research on McDonald's and on the position you are applying for so the manager sees that you plan ahead. Get to your interview on time, if possible, get there 10 to 15 minutes early. Once the interview takes place, the manager will give you the assessment test. Depending on the McDonald's location, you may be required to take the test with you and bring it back fro review, or you may have to take it on the spot.

Complete the assessment test. The McDonald's assessment test is a personality test that helps the hiring manager determine if you have common sense and what type of employee you may be. This assessment test asks questions based around what you would do in different types of situations. To complete this test, simply select the answer that you identify with most for every question asked.

Give the test to the manager once you are finished. The manager will process the test and score it. The McDonald's assessment test can be scored green, yellow or red. If your score is red, you will not be called for a final interview; if your score is yellow or green you will be called for a final interview. After the final interview, you will eventually be informed if you are hired.


You can also apply for a position online by visiting the McState website, but the assessment test will be provided by the manager interviewing you for the first time. Calling the restaurant and speaking with the manager personally is a faster way to apply and take the assessment test. There are no wrong or right answers in the McDonald's assessment test; the test is a personality test.