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How to Write Timesheet Hours in Decimals

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Recording your time-sheet hours using a decimal format requires you to view the hour divided into quarter segments. Using this logic, every fifteen minutes will result in .25 hours worked. Record an half hour as .50 hours and 45 minutes as .75 hours. By using this format, it becomes easier to add your hours and get the total number of hours worked. When using this format, use tenths or quarters of an hour and not the actual hour increments from the clock (six minutes, 12 minutes, or 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.) so the calculations are accurate.

Record the clocked-in time on your time sheet. If your employer just wants to know your time by quarter hours, write "8.50" on the time sheet if you arrived at work at 8:27 a.m., because it is closer to the half hour than the quarter hour. If your employer wants to know your time by tenths of hours, you would write "8.3" if you arrived around 8:18 a.m., "8.4" if you arrived around 8:24, or "8.5" if you arrived closer to 8:30.

Record your lunch break using the same format. If you go to lunch at 12:45 pm, enter the following time on your time sheet “12.75.” If you're going by tenths of an hour, you'll write "12.7" if you go out a little before 12:45 or "12.8" if you go out a little after that.

Record your return from lunch in the time sheet. If you returned from lunch at 1:15 pm, enter "1.25" on the time sheet. If you're recording tenths of hours, write "1.2" if you came back around 1:12 or "1.3" if you returned around 1:18.


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