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How to Cancel Your Disability

Whether you work for a private or government employer, chances are that your company has provisions that provide you with benefits in the event of a temporary or permanent work-related injury. This is called disability insurance. Companies award disability insurance based on the severity of your condition and for a time period they project will cover your recovery period. If you cease experiencing symptoms before your benefits expire, you should request to stop receiving the benefits and return to work.

Visit a doctor to ensure that you're fit to return to work before you apply to have your benefits canceled. Although you might feel fine, it's possible that the root cause of your disability might still need time to heal. If you voluntarily cancel your benefits without a medical check and the problem returns, however, you might not be able to rescind.

Schedule a meeting with your company's human resources representative and fill out any paperwork required to waive the remainder of your disability payments. Present the representative with a note or report from your doctor indicating it's safe for you to return to work.

Begin working again, but work carefully and slowly at first and avoid getting back in the situation that injured you in the first place. If you begin to feel sore or tired, don't be shy about telling your supervisor you need to take a break. Depending on how long you've been on disability, your body may simply not be accustomed to long periods of strenuous activity.


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