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How to Study for a Game Warden Test

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Game wardens are caretakers of a specific tract of land in which they protect the wild animals poachers or illegal hunters and foragers. To get a job as a game warden, you must pass an exam that tests your knowledge. The testing usually takes place on a specific day of the month and is taken at a location designated by your state's parks department or the national parks service. To study for a game warden test, you must accomplish several key tasks.

Get your degree in biology or environmental science. To become a game warden, you should have at least a bachelor's degree in one of these fields. Having an additional criminal justice degree will also help your chances. The information you get from these courses will help you to study because you will already know all of the basic information needed to be a game warden.

Study up on the local flora and fauna. Obviously, if you are wanting to be a game warden at Yellowstone National Park, you do not need to know much about zebras and sharks, but you should know about smaller critters as well as deer and bears and other woodland creatures. Know the lay of the land before trying to take the test because many of the questions will be about the local flora and fauna.

Brush up on criminal justice basics. If you attained a degree in criminal justice, this should be simple. If you did not, review the laws of camping, hunting, fishing and other similar activities in your area. You should know these laws backwards and forwards before trying to take the test. Though these questions will not be as numerous as those about the animals in the region, they will still make up a substantial portion of the exam.


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