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How to Transfer a Cosmetology License to Another Country

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The process for transferring a cosmetology license to another country depends completely upon where you're immigrating. Many countries simply evaluate your training transcripts and then license you to work. You may be required to take a test proving your qualifications, beyond your proof of training in the U.S. Other countries are more strict, and you may need to gain international certification. There are two major international certification boards, ITEC and CIDESCO, both based in Europe, but with U.S. operations.

Check your new home's national government website for a term similar to "International Qualifications Board," or search online for "transferring cosmetology certification to (the nation where you wish to move)." Look for the types of documentation required and follow the instructions for application.

Complete any necessary test. Many nations will demand a paper test, and possibly a practical examination. You can often complete these tests online, but you may need to request and complete a paper copy. Follow the website's instructions completely.

Check the CIDESCO (Comité International D’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie) and ITEC websites if you need international certification. CIDESCO and ITEC are accepted in different countries, with CIDESCO based in several locations and ITEC based in the U.K. Make sure your country accepts CIDESCO or ITEC certification. Both schools offer certification at beauty schools across the U.S. If you're a practicing cosmetologist, you need to study the certification practice books and take the test.


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