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How to Become a Certified Mentor

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Anyone who enjoys helping other professionals in business, healthcare and other occupations achieve their goals can use MentorCoach, The Option Institute or the Behavioral Coaching Institute to become certified. Each training choice offers rigorous training and can help you create positive results in businesses. The certification standards and completion times vary. Therefore, you must select the most comfortable education provider for your time and money. To get started, you must complete training to be considered a certified mentor.

Register for the training courses that meet your needs. The MentorCoach Training Program is a 31-week program that teaches fundamentals, like ethics and how to set up your business. You must successfully finish this to be considered for advancement into the certification program. The Option Institute has a training that lasts four weeks in many areas, like mediation. The Behavioral Coaching Institute has an accelerated program, the Certified MasterCoach, that lasts only four days.

Apply to your selected certification program. Complete the minimum hours of practice coaching regarding the certification program or meet program standards. MentorCoach, The Option Institute and the Behavioral Coaching Institute have specific training strategies that vary. Review each website to determine more details.

Submit any program-required documentation of hours with clients. You will need a letter indicating the time spent, and also, receive supervision from a certified coach for added experience.

Obtain verification of successfully completing the training program. This can come in a variety of ways. For instance, an average of 70 percent on each section of the MentorCoach Final Examination is required to become a certified mentor. It encompasses a written exam (multiple choice and essay) with an oral exam. The Option Institute requires full course completion and not necessarily a formal test. However, the Behavioral Coaching Institute offers an internationally recognized license that needs to be renewed occasionally after program completion.


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