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How to Know When Your Boss Likes You

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The relationship between an employee and a boss can be a difficult one to navigate, especially for the employee. Whether or not your boss likes you can not only determine how pleasant your work experience will be from day to day, but also how far she will help you advance in your career. Some simple signs can help you decide if your relationship with your boss is good to go, or if it could use some work.

Observe if he asks for help. If your boss chooses you when he needs an extra hand, it's a good sign that he appreciates what you can do.

Notice when she asks your opinion. If your boss wants to know how you feel about a certain project, policy, co-worker or potential new hire, she probably values your opinion.

Take it as a compliment when he gives you extra work. He would not ask you to do more work if he did not like what you have done so far.

Assume no news is good news. In many companies, the boss does not have time to give compliments. Sometimes the only one-on-one time is for corrections. Don't expect to be praised by your boss for every success.

Get excited if she talks about your future. Conversations about your future with the company are a sure sign your boss likes you.