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How to Introduce a Spouse to a Boss

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At some point over the course of your career, your spouse and your boss likely will cross paths. This may occur at an office party, the grocery store or any other random location. There are advantages to introducing your spouse to your boss. The encounter may cause your boss to view you in a more personal way. Rather than being just another employee, your boss will have additional information about your family and lifestyle. However, there are etiquette rules that you should follow to conduct a successful introduction.

Evaluate the relationship that you have with your boss and take note of your surroundings. Both of these will impact how you introduce your spouse to your boss. Identify whether you have a personal or formal relationship with your boss. Also, identify whether the introduction will take place at a work event or at a location unrelated to work.

Identify which person to introduce first. If you are at a work-sponsored event with your spouse, introduce your spouse to your boss as opposed to introducing your boss to your spouse. Since your boss is technically the host of a business-sponsored event and your spouse is a guest, it is considered good taste to introduce the “less important” person to the “more important” person, who in this case would be your boss. When you are in a casual or non-work setting, you may introduce your boss to your spouse.

State the name of the person you are introducing first rather than a description. For example, if you were introducing your spouse at an office party, you would say, “I would like to introduce you to Alan, my husband,” as opposed to “my husband, Alan." After you make your initial introduction, inform the introduced party as to whom they have been introduced. For example, “Alan, this is Amanda Smith, the CEO of our company." Generally, you should not state that someone is “your boss." You may inform your spouse of any professional title that your boss holds within the company. Additionally, your relationship with your boss will dictate how you refer to her.


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