How Do I Challenge the Missouri CNA Test?

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The certified nurse assistant, or CNA, program is a requirement set by the state of Missouri covering classroom training and on-the-job experience. Individuals with certain training and/or experience may be able to skip the classroom and on-the-job time and challenge the test directly, though that requires meeting specific requirements set by the state.

Challenging the Missouri CNA Test

Examine the criteria. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services specifies who may challenge the CNA test. These individuals include RN and LPN students who've passed a fundamentals of nursing class and clinical rotation, RN and LPN candidates that failed the state exams, individuals on another state's CNA register, individuals that have completed a nursing program in another country, people already listed on the CNA register that have gone inactive and those with training and experience in certain hospital specialties that meets or exceeds the CNA training guidelines. These criteria are available on the Department of Health and Senior Services site.

Gather the documentation. Obtain educational transcripts, any relevant certifications, any required work verifications and any training schedules or other proof of on-site training. Applicants also need to submit a clear copy of their Social Security card, a return address and daytime phone number and anything else that may help the department's decision.

Submit the documentation.

Section for Long Term Care Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Attn: Health Education Unit PO Box 570 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570


Gather all the supporting materials available to assist with the department's decision


Incomplete or poorly-documented training may lead to a denial.