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How to Become a Stockbroker in Ireland

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Stockbrokers are the midway point between buyers and sellers in financial trading (commonly, the stock market.) Brokers are charged with the task of bringing buyers and sellers together to effect a transaction as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Being a financial trader is seen as a lucrative and attractive career, but it involves hard work and can be a stressful line of work. Stockbrokers are, at times, responsible for large sums of money, and there is always risk attached to the decisions they make.

Visit to search through the various degree courses available at Ireland's universities. While you can become a stock broker with any type of degree, a minimum 2.1 grade in a finance-relevant bachelor's degree will put you in an excellent position when applying for a career as a stock broker.

Particularly relevant degree subjects include economics, mathematics, politics, sciences, business and accountancy.

Decide upon your course of study and the institution you wish to study at, then submit your application. The application process is an involved one. You will be required to prove to the university that you are a suitable candidate for the course. This is achieved by completing essay questions and on the strength of two references you will provide.

Complete your bachelor's degree studies. While you are undergoing your degree, search, and apply for, apprenticeships with stock brokerages. Carrying out an internship, paid or unpaid, looks excellent on your resume. If you impress during an internship placement you might be offered employment with the firm once you complete your bachelor's.

Even if you do not get accepted on to an internship, apply for careers during your final year at university to secure employment for when you finish your course.

Become a registered stock broker with the Institute of Bankers in Ireland. While this is not essential to become a stock broker in Ireland, representing a national body adds weight to your resume and gives you an organization to turn to if something goes wrong in your career or you need guidance from your peers.

To qualify to become a registered stock broker, you must pass the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) certificate in stockbroking /professional certificate in stockbroking and agree to adhere to the continuing professional development (CPD) guidelines (a subdivision of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland)


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