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How to Make a Letter of Intent to Join the Military

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Writing a letter of intent to join the military requires attention to detail and organization. This letter is designed to inform military recruiters of your background, skills and plans for the future. You’ll be able to express your goals, whether they be academic or professional, in this type of letter. The writer must follow a business letter format and use clear, understandable language. A letter of intent should describe your career objectives, leadership skills and particular attributes, according to

Place the date in the upper left-hand corner. Use Times New Roman 12 point font. Follow the block letter format. Your page will be left justified, single-spaced and double-spaced in between paragraphs.

Write the sender’s address following a single-space after the date. Write your name, street address, city, state and ZIP code.

Write the receiver’s address. Include the branch of military you’re interested in joining. Write the street address, city, state and ZIP code. Place the name of the recruiter after writing "In care of." Make sure you address the recruiter by his proper title. For example, write, “Sergeant X," or "Major Z.”

Write the salutation. Address this to the name of the military recruiter. For example, write, “Dear Sergeant X.”

Write the introduction. Include three to four sentences and explain to the military the purpose of the letter. Here’s a sample sentence: “This letter of intent is to inform the military (include specific branch) that I am interested in joining upon graduation on…”

Write the body. Use clear, understandable language. Use a friendly tone. Write two to three personal goals and write one professional goal. An example sentence might read, “My goal is to become a submarine machinist and work…" or you could write, “My leadership skills have led to my desire to be ground support and work..."

Write the closing. Thank the recruiter for her time. Include your contact number and write the times when you can be reached. Be enthusiastic about your decision and plan to enlist. Write an appropriate closing sentence such as, “I am confident that my decision to join the military is a wise one and I look forward to serving…”

Write the closing signature. Include the words "Sincerely" or "Respectfully submitted." After a double-space, print out your full name. Sign the letter in between the closing signature and your full name.


Proofread and spell-check your letter for clarity.

  • Proofread and spell-check your letter for clarity.

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