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How to Make an Antler Pipe

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Deer or elk antlers can be utilized for wall decor for a rustic touch or as functional accessories such as pipes. The strong and hard structure of the antler makes it a sturdy choice for a smoking accessory. Making a pipe out of an antler only requires a few basic materials that can be found in your toolbox and at a local smoking accessory shop. A crafty endeavor, making antler pipes adds more versatility to your rustic crafting hobby.

Secure the antler piece by placing it into the vice and tightening it. Make sure both ends of the antler piece are accessible.

Center the tip of the 1 inch thick boring bit in the very center of one ends of the antler piece. Squeeze the trigger of the power drill to bore an inch thick hole through the antler piece. This hollows the antler piece out for use as a smoking pipe. If necessary, allow the boring bit to go through the hole you created a second or third time, to shave the inner edges of the antler a bit for ease of fitting. Make sure it is hollowed all the way through one end and out the other.

Insert the metal tube into the bored-out antler. If necessary, force it through by tapping the end of it with a hammer until it slides all the way through the antler.

Attach the bowl piece to one end of the threaded metal tube. Twist it tightly to connect the threaded pieces together.

Twist the mouth piece to the other end of the antler, twisting it tightly as well. If the metal tube within the antler is too small, the end pieces will keep it in place so that it doesn't slide out of the antler.


Purchase the metal tube, mouthpiece and bowl from a head-shop or from an online smoking accessory vendor.


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