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How to Get a Waitressing Job With No Experience

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While you cannot walk into an office building and demand to be a manager or run into a theme park and declare yourself the new roller-coaster operator, there is one opportunity available to those with no experience: waitressing. Obtaining a job as a waitress is easy, as long as you can make a strong first impression. Because of the abundance of family-style restaurants, anyone who is dedicated to finding a first-time waitressing job is sure to find one.

Select a few local, casual restaurants where you would like to work. Note the locations of these restaurants, as well as any information that may be useful to bring up during a meeting with a manager. This information may include a restaurant's community involvement, positive corporate culture or the opportunity for growth within the organization.

Map out a route so you can visit all of the restaurants on your list within one day. Plan to visit the restaurants when they will not be busy. For example, visiting between lunch and dinner hours may be best, and will give you the best opportunity of meeting with a manager.

Prepare a copy of your resume to bring to the restaurants where you would like to work. Even if you do not have waitressing experience, a resume can highlight your educational history and previous employment. On your resume, you can include abilities such as communication skills that will help you in your work as a waitress.

Prepare to fill out job applications. Gather any personal information that you may need, such as your social security number and driver's license number. Have this information ready so you can save time while filling out job applications.

Select a day to visit your restaurants of choice. Dress nicely to make a strong first impression, which will give you an advantage over other candidates. Wear a business-appropriate outfit, such as a button-down shirt, black pants and low-heeled shoes.

As you enter each restaurant, ask to speak to a manager about employment. Smile, be respectful and act confident as you speak to employees and managers. Say that even though you do not have formal waitressing experience, you are eager to learn and are confident that you will be an excellent waitress. Present your resume to each manager and say you'd appreciate speaking further about employment at her earliest convenience.


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