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How to Become a Navy Seal Corpsman

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If you have aspirations to join the United States Navy and become a Navy SEAL Corpsman, your journey will be long and very hard, but in the end you will join the most elite group of fighters in the world. As a Corpsman on a Navy SEAL Team, you will be the first and sometimes only means to medical survival for a wounded teammate or someone else in need of your medical care and expertise.

Talk to a Navy recruiter about joining the Navy. The process to enlist into the Navy itself isn't rigorous, but the recruiter will make sure you that qualify, check your background and answer any questions that you have. They will also have you take the ASVAB test. This test grades your aptitudes and what you be best at in the Navy.

Go to your nearest Military Entrance Processing Station(MEPS) and take your Navy medical exam. This exam will be scheduled by your recruiter for a time that best suits your schedule. Transportation and lodging will be provided free of charge for you.

Sign up to attend Navy Corpsman school after you pass your medical examination. A Navy Career Counselor will talk to you and explain your options and ask you for your likes and dislikes. Let him or her know that your ultimate goal is to become a Navy SEAL Corpsman.

Ship out to Great Lakes, IL to attend Navy Recruit Basic Training. Navy Recruit Basic Training is 8 weeks long and will prepare you for life in the Navy.

Begin preparing for the Navy SEAL Physical Screening Test Requirements. The Physical Screening Test encompasses a 500 yard swim, push-ups, sit-ups and 1.5 mile run. Each portion of the test has minimum requirements so ensure you prepare yourself.

Graduate from Navy Corpsman 'A' School. Once you graduate from Navy Corpsman 'A' School, you are officially a Navy Corpsman.

Attend the Navy Seal Prep Course in Chicago, IL. This prep course is 8 weeks long and will prepare you for SEAL training school.(BUD/S). During the prep course is when you will take the Seal Physical Training Test. You will have more than one opportunity to take the test if you do not pass the first time, but you must pass it by the end of prep course.

Graduate from BUD/S training. BUD/S training is 24 weeks in length and takes place in Coronodo, CA. This is where the Navy will test your mental and physical toughness to see if you meet the merits for becoming a Navy SEAL.

Graduate from Parachute Jump School. Jump school is 3 weeks long and is in San Diego, CA. Here you will learn how to properly parachute and jump out of airplanes, helicopters and high rise objects.

Attend the Advanced Medical Training Course at Ft. Bragg, NC. This course is 6 months long and will prepare you to become a SEAL medic.


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