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How to Become a Justice of the Peace in New Hampshire

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As a Justice of the Peace in New Hampshire, you'll have the ability to perform marriages or civil unions, as well as witness documents. To become a New Hampshire Justice of the Peace, you'll need to submit your application to the state. Once your application is submitted, it is reviewed by the New Hampshire governor, and approved or declined. If approved, you're only a few inches away from being able to act as an official Justice of the Peace.

Obtain the New Hampshire Justice-of-the-Peace application. You can download and print the application online (Ssee Resources) or you can call the Secretary of State's Office at 603-271-3242. You'll also need to obtain the criminal release form. It's available for download online, or through the Secretary of State's Office.

Contact two current Justices of the Peace. Ideally, you know someone who is already a Justice of the Peace. Ask the person to endorse your application. They may want to meet you or get to know you prior to endorsing you. For a list of current Justices of the Peace, see Resources.

Contact a registered voter. In addition to two Justices of the Peace, a registered voter must endorse you. The voter can be anyone, whether you know him or not. If you do not know any registered voters, get out in the community and try to meet some residents. Consider volunteer work to meet someone if you have trouble.

Complete the application and criminal-release form. Ask the two Justices of the Peace and the registered voter to sign the application in the appropriate spot. Mail the application and criminal-release form, along with a check for $75 made out to "Treasurer, State of New Hampshire" to:

Department of State State House - Room 204 Concord, New Hampshire 03301

Wait eight to 10 weeks for a response. If you are confident that your application will be approved, consider reading and familiarizing yourself with the New Hampshire Justice-of-the-Peace Manual. You can download the manual online (See Resources).

Sign your index card, commission and oath in the presence of two notaries public. Send the oath to the Secretary of State's Office. File your index card with your Superior County Court--the address depends on the county in which you live. Once the state receives your oath, you are ready to practice.


You must been a legal resident of New Hampshire and a registered voter for the past three years to become a Justice of the Peace.

  • You must been a legal resident of New Hampshire and a registered voter for the past three years to become a Justice of the Peace.

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