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How to Get a Library Job With No Library Qualification

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Getting a job can be tough, especially in a competitive market. When there are no qualifications, a job can be harder to obtain. When it comes to library jobs, there are positions available that do not require education or specific library qualifications. Even new high school graduates are able to get a job at a library, though the position will not be for an actual librarian.

Apply as a library assistant. This is a job that is available to anyone that has graduated from high school and does not require any education. Unlike many other positions in the library, such as the librarian, a library assistant does not need to go to college as most training is done at the library. Even high school students can obtain this position.

Learn computer skills. Computer skills are a necessity in modern libraries. Everything from card catalogs to book check out is done on the computer.

Apply for technician positions. A technician at the library should have an associate’s degree, but it is not required to be a specific library qualification. Liberal arts or library related degrees are also appropriate for this position.

State specific skills during an interview. When interviewing for a job at the library, skills like computer knowledge should be stated. A library qualification is not always necessary, but certain skills or degrees can be useful at a library, especially the larger libraries.


Don’t apply for positions that require specific library qualifications. A librarian position requires a specific degree.

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