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How to Get a Motor Vehicle Repair License in CT

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Having a motor vehicle repair license allows you to operate an automotive shop in Connecticut while abiding by the laws of that state. As the owner of the business where automotive repairs are being performed, you must apply for and be granted this license before you do any business. If you're working on friends' cars for free, however, you do not need a motor vehicle repair license. It will take some preparation to become licensed as a motor vehicle repair center in Connecticut.

Set up the garage where you will be performing the work and contact your city or town council and business bureau to get permission to operate there; they will issue you a trade name certificate. You must have that before you can apply for the motor vehicle repair license. Requirements for approval will vary from city to city. For instance, you must have a waste disposal tank that can handle at least 250 gallons of fluid. You will have to contract with a waste removal firm and have that agreement presented in writing as well. You will also be required to have the customer rights and the labor and storage prices posted in an area where they can be easily seen by consumers.

Create a folder that contains documentation of your insurance, maps, employees and training. You will be required to present this when you apply for the license. You must show that you have at least one employee with enough training and knowledge to fully repair an automobile; this person has to be employed in the location for at least 35 hours each week.

Prepare to show proper use of estimates waivers, repair orders, loan agreements, estimate orders and supplemental ID cards. You must also show that you have all the tools and equipment you will need to operate your business. Demonstrate that you have knowledge in the disposal of abandoned vehicles if you wish to give towing invoices.

Set a date with the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the examination required for the motor vehicle repair license; this will cost $280, as of May 2010. Ask for an application at the DMV while you're there.

Submit the application, the completed test, proof of a $20,000 surety bond, proof of financial responsibility—insurance—and the sales tax permit number to the DMV. You will also be required to provide a check in the amount of $140 made out to the DMV. Once they've reviewed your documents, you should receive your license in the mail.


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