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How to Work As a Holiday Representative

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Being a holiday representative is one of the most popular jobs in the tourism industry. The reason why is fairly obvious; you get to travel all around the world, often in luxurious surroundings. However, there are negatives to the job. There isn’t time for any personal leisure since the job involves helping vacationing people and being on call to do things for them up to 12 hours, six days a week. It can be taxing and pays equivalent to minimum wage. But to enjoy the positives, you’ll need some preparation before being hired.

Preparing to be a Holiday Rep

Seek out college courses in event planning or perhaps travel studies. These courses are usually available in community colleges and can be done in one or two semesters. You don’t need a college degree to be a holiday representative.

Develop strong customer service skills by working elsewhere in that environment first for at least a year. A holiday rep needs to possess a strong sense of dealing with and catering to people. This includes dealing with people who may not always be courteous. It also means dealing with emergencies and other misfortunes that happen to people who travel.

Look for a job as a holiday representative through tourism and resort companies. Know that getting a job in the field is extremely challenging due to demand outweighing availability.

Choose a resort company you’re interested in and email them for an application. They’ll send you one in the mail within weeks or they may have one on line to print and mail. Prove your strong customer service skills in both a cover letter and in the application itself. Many people fail to get a holiday rep career job because they don’t sell their customer service skills in writing.

Prepare to travel overseas for an interview with the company since many of them are located in popular tourist destinations. Be aware, though, that when you work for a resort company, they’ll frequently move you from location to location. You’ll be living in these places for long periods of time away from your family, often for two back-to-back seasons.

Proof of Skills in Interview

Ask in your interview what your holiday representative job will entail. You’ll find out that you may have to greet guests at the airport to start. This might also result in handling problems like lost luggage and passports, tourist illnesses or even tragic circumstances, such as dealing with a rare tourist death.

Prove your selling skills since you may be asked to sell resort excursions or other tour packages while working as a holiday rep.

Do your homework about the tourist location you’ll be working in overseas. Research all the fun events going on in the immediate area of where you’re working so you can answer any excursion questions from the vacationers you’re catering to.

Demonstrate in your interview that you’re also an excellent tour guide who can take people on excursions and make it entertaining. Show that you’re also a well-organized person who can handle holiday rep tasks such as organizing entertainment or keeping track of records and accounts.



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