How to Obtain a Microsoft Excel Certification

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Those who wish to become certified in using Microsoft Excel must pass Exam 77-602: Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). The exam will test a user’s knowledge in creating data, formatting content, modifying formulas and other aspects of Microsoft Excel. Passing the certification indicates to employers that you're able to effectively use the Microsoft Excel program. Before taking the exam, candidates should have at least six months to one year of hands-on knowledge in using the program.

Purchase and study a Microsoft certification study guide, such as, The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Study Guide. Visit Microsoft’s website to purchase reliable study guides. Research more than one guide since you may need to compare the information offered in each source.

Download practice exams to review sample objectives that may be on the exam. Practice exams will not only help your test taking skills, they will give you an idea of the structure of the certification exam. Companies like Ucertify offer free trial exams for the certification. Log onto Certiport’s website, the company that sells the certification test vouchers. Take the practice exams until you are comfortable with your results.

Visit Certiport’s website to register for the certification exam. Choose the “Office Specialist” link then choose the “Getting Certified” link at the top. Choose the “Register Now” link on the right. Create an account that allows you to register for exams. Once your account is created, select a testing center. You may search for testing centers on Certipost’s site using your zip code.

When you arrive at the testing center, be prepared to take a test that is a simulated version of the Microsoft Excel program. You will be expected to navigate through the simulation as you would the actual software program.

If you pass the exam, you’ll receive your Microsoft Excel certification in the mail at the address that you provided. If you don’t pass the certification exam, review your printed score report provided by the administrator. Review the areas of the report that show your weaknesses and use this information to help you prepare to retest.


Take more than one practice exam, but don’t overload yourself as this may contribute to test anxiety.