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How to Maintain a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

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A positive attitude in the workplace can make working a more pleasant experience for everyone in the office. Positive attitudes are generally contagious to others--as are negative attitudes--and can make all of the difference in the workplace environment.

Avoid people in the workplace who have a negative attitude or negative work ethic. Because it is easy to be influenced by the attitudes of others, it is important to separate yourself from those who do not project a positive attitude. If it is impossible to completely avoid these people, limit your time with them as much as possible.

Stay away from the rumor mill and the gossip of the water cooler. Even though they rarely reflect the whole truth, gossip and rumors do nothing to enhance the positive attitude of the workplace. Those who regularly engage in this behavior will find themselves influenced in a negative way that could impact their productivity at work.

Show your appreciation to others for the work that they do even if they do not report to you. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their efforts while they are at work. A simple “great job” to a co-worker after the impressive completion of a task can make all the difference in his attitude.

Share your own positive attitude with others in the workplace. Smile at those you pass in the halls and exchange greetings. Offer your assistance to co-workers when you have additional time and practice random acts of kindness.

Acknowledge the contribution of others in your own success. If you are recognized for your efforts on a project, point out others who helped to make the project a success. Rather than taking away from your own recognition, it helps others to see you in a more positive light knowing you will not accept all of the praise for a group effort.


Be careful that you are not so positive that you fail to acknowledge your weaknesses or potential points of improvement.

  • Be careful that you are not so positive that you fail to acknowledge your weaknesses or potential points of improvement.

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