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How to Find Non Teaching Jobs for Teachers

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Many jobs are open for teachers looking to change career paths. Teachers' skills can be transferred to sectors outside of education and to non-teaching, but education-related, jobs. It's important to perform an evaluation your skills and aptitudes when changing careers or jobs. This will help you set expectations and find a suitable position.

Perform a career self-assessment before looking for non-teaching jobs. Consider the types of jobs you like to perform and the job environment. Second, evaluate your current skills and identify whether you need to go back to school or take some additional courses to find a job.

Use an aptitude test and a personality test. These tools can help you discover the jobs that will be most satisfying and best fit for your skills and competencies. These tests are available free online and at libraries.

Search online for non-teaching jobs. There are many online recruiters that provide non-teaching listings in education and other fields for teachers with experience. There are even recruiters who specialize in placing teachers in non-teaching jobs and career paths. Use the recruiters' career tools to find non-teaching positions.

Look for government jobs for teachers outside of education. Find federal, state and county level jobs using agency's websites. Find jobs in government human resources departments, finance departments, police departments, park and recreation departments, etc. Many of these agencies have may have non-teaching openings for those with a background in education.

Find non-teaching jobs in publishing and sales. Many of the skills obtained as a teacher, on the job and in college, can be transferred to these sectors. In publishing, teachers can write and present seminars, prepare standardized test materials, and write and edit books. In the sales department of publishing companies, teachers can sell books and materials related to education.

Consider human resources jobs for teachers. Find human resources representative and executive vacancies at major institutions. Sectors such as banking, insurance and the pharmaceutical industry provide in-house training to their employees. Individuals with teaching experience may be needed to write the seminars and coordinate their delivery to employees.

Network with ex-teachers working in non-teaching jobs who have changed careers successfully. This networking can be done through friends, coworkers, associations and on the Internet.

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