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How to Start a Wedding Candy Buffet Business

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Step 1

Research the business and your competition. You can garner valuable information that will help your customers with their wedding planning. For example, you should know the amount of candy a couple should order per guest and have arrangement and display ideas ready to suit each couple’s reception décor.

Step 2

Choose a catchy name that will stand out in people's minds and design an attractive logo. Register your small business or incorporation with the government. Incorporating a business requires that you apply for a federal tax identification number. To protect yourself from lawsuits, purchase product liability insurance.

Step 3

Contact your regional health department to inquire about the food regulations for your municipality and which permits are necessary for lawful operation. You will also need to inquire about the necessity of a food service license and register for a sales tax permit in your state.

Step 4

Create your candy menu options. Assemble a variety of candy buffet options so that making a selection is a simple task for the bride and groom. You can make a list of each item available so the couple can choose their own assemblage of candies. However, having a few premade packages makes you an attractive choice for some.

Step 5

Decide on the type of service you will offer on the day of the wedding. You should arrive at the reception venue at least a half-hour early to set up the display. Some candy buffet business owners remain at the site throughout the wedding reception to refill containers.

Step 6

Determine the price list for your products. To do so, factor in the costs of the candy and decorative items as well as the hourly work you will invest in each order. Mark up the price according to your preference and research.

Step 7

Design a website that describes the candy buffet trend, offers common frequently asked questions and displays samples of your product. While you can conduct your business without an Internet presence, having one is likely to aid in building your business. You can create the website yourself if you are able, or hire a graphic and website designer to make your website as appealing to visitors as possible.

Step 8

Purchase glass jars, candies and other decorative items to create candy buffet displays for your shop and to have on hand for clients. Find unique containers for your candy from flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores. Do not spend full price at expensive retail stores if you can avoid it because some containers will inevitably break from time to time. You will also need tables and elegant tablecloths.

Step 9

Take pictures of your displays to post in a gallery on your website. You can also offer friends and family members a substantial discount for a candy buffet in exchange for pictures to post in your gallery.

Step 10

Create candy tags to affix to the jars. Have these custom-printed or use a word processing program to design your own tags and print these onto paper-backed stickers.

  • Offer your services for other events as well. While your primary focus may be the wedding industry, a candy buffet may be a welcome addition to birthday parties, graduation celebrations and anniversary parties.

Eric Jonas has been writing in small-business advertising and local community newsletters since 1998. Prior to his writing career, he became a licensed level II gas technician and continues to work in the field, also authoring educational newsletters for others in the business. Jonas is currently a graduate student with a Bachelor of Arts in English and rhetoric from McMaster University.

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