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How to Become a Blue Cross & Blue Shield Agent

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Increasing health care costs have made more people aware of the importance of insurance coverage, not only to lower overall health care costs, but to make sure your family is protected should something happen. Becoming an agent for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association means maintaining a trusted brand and living up to expectations of the company.

Become familiar with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Learn the standards it keeps and its requirements. Familiarity with each of its services is an excellent way to help get your foot in the door.

Be licensed to sell life, accident and health insurance in order to be considered as an agent for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. If you aren't already licensed, apply for one and take the test. Choose the correct license. There are agent, broker, adjuster and commercial insurance licenses.

Fill out a contract with a general agency once you have your license. General agencies provide training, support and administrative help while you are an agent.

Meet your annual sales quota once you've been approved to sell Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance. Each agent has a required minimum of policies that they must sign. o learn more about becoming an agent, call (888) 878-0139, ext. 21507.