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How to Get a Job Without a Driver's License

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If you don't have a driver's license, finding a job may be a bit of an extra challenge. Some jobs are not an option at all, and others may be too far from home or not close to public transport. You even have to worry about making sure you have proper identification available for your new employer. You can find a job without a driver's license, as long as you are smart about your search.

Visit the Driver's License Bureau or Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Before you can apply for a job, you need proper identification. Each state offers a state-issued ID card that takes the place of a driver's license in this regard. You can also use your passport; however, a state-issued ID is more convenient and easily recognized. Take along the paperwork required by your state; in most cases, a birth certificate and photo ID, or similar.

Assess your transportation options. Do you have or could you get a bicycle? Make a simple map that notes how far you could get without a car. Avoid relying on friends and family for transportation if at all possible.

Take a careful look at your local bus routes. Check times and transit options. Find out bus regulations to determine if you could combine bus and bike for your commute.

Apply for jobs you know you can get to, regardless of weather or rides from others. Call and ask about driving requirements. Many jobs require no driving once you are at the job site, making these a valid choice if you do not have a driver's license. Look for options within an easy biking or walking distance first, and then those with a slightly longer bus commute. Factor in the cost of a bus pass for jobs farther from home.

Be confident. Let your potential employer know that you will not have transportation issues and have a plan to get to your job without driving. Have your state-issued ID available, just as you would a driver's license, for identification.

Make a plan to get a driver's license. Unless you live in a major metropolitan area, a driver's license is fairly essential for daily life in most of the United States. Save up for driver's education classes once you have a job to learn to drive or recruit a friend to help. If you have lost your license, consult the state about having the suspension lifted and the terms of the suspension. While you may have a job now, advancing in your career and your life will be easier with a driver's license.


If you are moving, look for a home or apartment that is centrally located and near bus lines to make it easier to find a job without a driver's license.

  • If you are moving, look for a home or apartment that is centrally located and near bus lines to make it easier to find a job without a driver's license.

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