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How to Become a Diamond Dealer

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Diamond dealers buy and sell diamonds for private clients or for a company. They are experts in evaluating diamonds and in locating the best diamonds at the lowest prices. Many diamond dealers work for retailers, wholesalers or diamond cutters. Diamond dealers do not own the diamonds they sell. Instead they are salespeople selling a valuable product. To become a well-regarded diamond dealer it is best to be trained by industry leaders and to acquire the credentials that label you a professional diamond dealer.

Take courses at the American Gem Society. The AGS is a not-for-profit trade association for those in the fine jewelry business. One course to take is Graduate Sales Associate, a home study course that teaches the student about diamonds, the industry and how to sell. According to the website, “Upon successful completion of a proctored final exam, the associate is awarded a Graduate Sales Associate Certificate from the Jewelers Education Foundation of the American Gem Society.” Another course to consider is the Registered Jeweler. This course teaches you about diamonds, colored gemstone like rubies and sapphires and the ethical standards of the diamond industry.

Study to become a Graduate Gemologist, or GG. This title is offered by the Gemological Institute of America, a trade association. This GG designation is just one of several training programs the institute offers. While there are no requirements to become a diamond dealer, getting this credential will greatly improve your chances of getting a job as a diamond dealer. This course can be taken online or in a 26-week classroom program.

Continue your education. By increasing your knowledge and acquiring more recognized credentials you can secure a good position as a diamond dealer. You can become a Certified Gemologist Appraiser or CGA. This course of study is offered by the American Gem Society. The AGS website writes, “This title is the most highly regarded in the industry. Earning the CGA title requires more advanced training and experience in determining the value of gemstones and jewelry.” This credential has other requirements to fulfill. A person has to be re-certified annually to maintain the CGA credential. Also you have to work in an AGS member firm.

Apply for sales jobs in the diamond industry. Once you have trained and gotten your credentials, you can start looking for a job. With a resume that details your training and experience you can start to look for jobs by contacting the member firms of the American Gem Society. These are all reputable jewelers, retail stores, wholesale companies, diamond cutters and diamond brokers. The AGS has an online directory of firms you can contact.

Use the career services at the Gemological Institute of America. The GIA provides graduates of its training programs career services to help them get jobs in the diamond industry. This is a good option if you have taken the Graduate Gemologist course.

Work in jewelry departments. If you don’t have the credentials listed above, the best option is to get a sales job in the jewelry department of a department store. While working at this job you can take online or home study courses at the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute.

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