How to Become a Sewing Machine Repair Professional

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Although there is no certification required to become a sewing machine repair professional, the profession does require technical training to understand how all the levers and pulleys inside the sewing machine work together to create seams. The job itself can be a practical way to make a living, beyond just repairing the sewing machines of friends and family members.

Look for sewing machine repair classes in your area. See the Resources below for sewing repair classes. Some schools even offer videos you can order to help teach you to repair sewing machines.

Look for an apprenticeship. Many sewing machine repair stores will have employees with decades of experience. Often, they may need help or will be willing to teach their trade to you. Talk to employees at your local sewing machine repair shop to see if they or anyone they know is looking for an apprentice or is willing to teach sewing machine repair.

Practice on old sewing machines. Practice makes perfect, and sewing machines are always available at thrift stores. Many are even in need of repair. Once you have gained some knowledge, consider purchasing these old sewing machines, repairing them and then re-selling them for extra income.

Spread your business through word-of-mouth. Before opening your own shop, you may want to establish a clientele first. Go to fabric stores and see if they need a sewing machine technician. Many fabric stores offer the option, but if they don't already have someone, they may send a few clients your way.