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How to Become a Makeup Artist for M A C Cosmetics

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A career as a makeup artist certainly requires expertise in makeup application, but you must also have strong sales experience and enjoy working with the public. Makeup artists who work with MAC Cosmetics may work at a department store counter, in a MAC Cosmetics retail store or directly for the company in a field-based position. The global cosmetic company prefers to hire those with established skills, so pursue formal training and work in a retail sales position before applying for a job.


Many makeup artists are licensed cosmetologists or estheticians, individuals who specialize in the application of makeup and skin treatment. As MAC prefers to hire makeup artists with highly developed skills, your first step to getting a job is to obtain a cosmetology or esthetician license. Most states require a mix of classroom and hands-on training and passing a state examination. Check with your state board of cosmetology to determine the requirements.

Department Stores

Many department stores, especially those in major cities, feature MAC Cosmetic counters that employ makeup artists. Department stores such as Nordstrom and Macys hire their own makeup artists and typically require some training, but not necessarily professional licensing or certification. Most department stores prefer to hire employees with retail and sales experience who enjoy working with the general public. To get job in a department store that sells MAC Cosmetics, apply directly to the store and state your preference for working with MAC products. This is often the first step in a career with MAC Cosmetics.

MAC Stores

MAC employs more than 12,000 makeup artists worldwide, with many employees working directly in one of MAC's 1,000 retail stores, as of 2014. Makeup artists for MAC typically have years of experience working with cosmetics; an established portfolio; and skills that include setting and achieving goals for the number of products they've sold. If you are interested in working at a MAC store, many of which are located in malls, apply directly at a store.

Career Path

Skilled makeup artists can move into other positions at a MAC store -- such as store manager -- and within the company. MAC also hires makeup artists in field positions as trainers and as senior artists. Senior artists travel to special events, such as fashion shows. Send resumes and portfolios for field and senior artist positions to MAC’s human resources department in New York for consideration.


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