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How to Find Free Career Counseling from the Government

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If you have been laid off or are considering changing career paths, look into free or low-cost career counseling from the United States government. But before you spend a lot of money on career counselors or expensive career books and assessment tests, check out these steps first to help you find your next job.

First visit the U.S. Department of Labor's CareerOneStop.org site, which offers tips about education and training, resumes and interviews, job search help and salary information. The information is free to access.

Check your state's website for career counseling from the government. Most states offer resources to help you find free career counseling. It's also possible to find career counseling through your city's website.

Check your local community college for a career counseling program. Community colleges have many resources to help people make decisions about their careers and they usually offer career assessment tests, information about local job fairs and lists of job openings in your area. Most community colleges offer career counseling for free; however, some may charge a small fee if you are not an enrolled student. Seeking out help from a community college is also a good way to find free career counseling from the government.

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