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How to Write an Athletic Resume

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Creating a strong athletic resume will capture the attention of a perspective coach. This type of resume is typically used when seeking acceptance to a college athletic team. Investing time in a resume that highlights your strongest accomplishments will give you an edge over the competition.

Include a letter of introduction. This document should be approximately a page long. Provide a summary about yourself, including athletic history, graduation date, game statistics and your goals for college.

Create an athletic profile. This section should be up to a page long and include all athletic accomplishments. Examples could include earning MVP or Captain of your team.

Include academic information. Coaches are interesting in recruiting athletes who have the whole package, so it's important to include your academic and extracurricular activities. And if you volunteer, you should highlight this information as well. These details can be a few paragraphs long, but the more concise, the better.

Include your current game schedule. Most college coaches will be interested in seeing your skills in action, so include a copy of your current game schedule. You don’t need to include an explanation--just attach the document to your athletic resume.

Provide a reference section. List references the coach can contact, including coaches, academic advisers and personal character references. This will allow the coach to get a snapshot of your personal and athletic performance.


Double-check your references. Don’t blindly list references without first talking to the individuals. Let them know that you are submitting an athletic resume and ask them if their name can be included in the reference section. This will allow the individuals to prepare themselves for a call. Have someone proofread your resume.